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Relocation Services


Relocation Services

Moving Made Easy
Moving Made Easy™
What We Do to Help You:
  • Prepare your Home for Sale in CA
  • Connect You with Local REALTORS and Vendors
  • Communicate with All Parties Along the Way
  • Market, Sell, and Close your Escrow
Top 5 Reasons People Are Leaving California
  • Cost of Living

    The cost of living is significantly cheaper in other states.

  • Four Seasons

    People leaving California soon realize that other states actually have four seasons to enjoy!

  • Fresh Start

    People are looking for a new start in a different state.

  • Job Opportunity

    Many companies are relocating their headquarters outside of California.

  • Why Not?

    Why not move to a new place and create new experiences.

What Our Clients Say

“Top Notch”

What can I say.... Aaron, Don and the rest of the team are top notch. They genuinely care about the client and will look out for your best interest. Whether you were looking to buy or sell you are in good hands with the people at Impact Properties. - Joe S.

“Best Company in the Area”

This is the best real estate company in the area. They are focused on helping you buy or sell your house with the upmost integrity. - Melissa K.

“Hard-working & Responsive!”

If you are looking for a hard-working, responsive realtor, please contact Impact Properties!! They listen to their clients and help them find the home that is right for them. They are easy to work with and SO helpful!!! - Grace C.

“Super friendly team!”

I was welcomed into a very impressive and professional environment. Highly recommended. - Jody R.

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