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I Love Impact Properties: Lorena Arguelles


It’s time to continue our I Love IMPACT series, a campaign highlighting our amazing agents and their thoughts on working at IMPACT Properties.

Today, we’re sitting down with IMPACT agent, Lorena Arguelles.

Lorena loves the valuable training she receives as an IMPACT agent.

During her switch from investor to homeowner real estate, Lorena decided to join the team at IMPACT Properties. Let’s hear what Lorena has to say.

Let’s hear what Lorena has to say:

Why do you love IMPACT Properties?
I love IMPACT Properties because of the team. All of the agents and employees are kind and supportive. At IMPACT, knowledge is always shared. At other brokers, agents tend to be protective of their knowledge. But at IMPACT, agents are excited and willing to share what they know.

What is your favorite aspect of IMPACT Properties?
I love how we read the Core Values before each sales meeting. When I do my transactions, I remember keywords and phrases from the core values that help me communicate more clearly and with more understanding for my client. I love knowing that our Core Values are the DNA of the company. Therefore, that is what you are expressing every day when you go to work at IMPACT Properties.

Why did you join IMPACT Properties?
After working with investors and real estate, I decided to transition to work with homeowners and buyers. Aaron and I have the same mentors, so I have been connected with him for a few years. I decided that if I was going to switch brokers, that I should go to IMPACT Properties. Since IMPACT is focused on homeowners and buyers, I joined the team! I was excited to learn from his expertise and his team’s expertise.

What makes IMPACT Properties different?
The training is what makes IMPACT Properties different. The training here is not just put together at the last minute. It is carefully planned out with purpose and attention to detail. The training we have at IMPACT Properties entails valuable information. When we are training, it feels like we are in the classroom, and that whoever is teaching is not just winging it. The trainings are always valuable for both experienced agents and new agents.


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